Turns Out, Beaver Anal Gland Whiskey Tastes Like Raspberries

Alcohol tasting notes are always all over the place. Wine that hints of leather, beer with a whiff of horse blanket, and now some truly fascinating spirits. Tamworth Distilling brings adventurous flavors to our alcohol, including one whiskey made with beavers’ anal glands. Yes, we’ll let you digest that. And another whiskey that tastes of crabs.

Beaver anal gland whiskey apparently tastes good - a bottle of whiskey with a beaver on it
Tamworth Distilling

We learned about these unique drinks thanks to Boing Boing. Tamworth Distilling sells a wide range of spirits, including sweet potato vodka and venison whiskey. But the beaver musk-infused whiskey definitely caught our eye.

Before you scoff, just know that you’ve probably consumed castoreum, or oil from beaver anal glands, before, and not even while you drank whiskey. The product exists in imitation vanilla flavoring and Tamworth says it, “exudes a leathery, raspberry taste, and acts to fortify the whiskey flavors.”

And don’t worry, no beavers came to harm in the making of this anal gland whiskey. The distillery gets provided “with the castoreum sacs, which would otherwise be discarded, to produce the infused bourbon whiskey.” It’s all very sustainable and apparently tasty. We guess we’ll have to give this beaver whiskey a sip sometime after it’s back on sale.

A bottle of Crab Trapper whiskey
Tamworth Distilling

Another of Tamworth Distilling’s special creations is their Crab Trapper whiskey. And yes, there are actually crabs in it. Tamworth Distilling’s Crab Trapper whiskey uses green crabs in the recipe. It’s a non-native and very invasive species in New Hampshire, where the distillery is located.

Green crabs are originally from Europe and out-compete native crabs, destroying the environment and food webs. They have also spread to the western United States. More than 70,000 were caught in Washington state last year as part of eradication efforts. A bottle of green crab-flavored whiskey will set you back $65 and you can count it as part of your conservation efforts for the year. 

Not to mention, according to Tamworth Distilling, “The crab is present lightly on the nose, accompanied by coriander and bay to smooth out any high notes.” So basically a crab boil, which sounds delicious.

A bottle of durian fruit flavored brandy displayed next to a human skull prop
Tamworth Distilling

We’d also feel curious to try Tamworth Distilling’s durian-flavored brandy one day, for a little whiskey break. Durian fruit is a delicious delicacy, even if it is banned in public places in some countries due to the intense smell. And we’re sure it would take our taste buds on an adventure.

Tamworth isn’t the only company making interesting spirits, though. There are also Glenlivet Whiskey pods, XXX Distillery’s Hellboy-themed cinnamon whiskey, and even a Game of Thrones-inspired scotch from Johnnie Walker to enjoy. Cheers! 

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Author: Melissa T. Miller