Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s Best Doc Ock Role Would Be As Peter’s Hannibal

On the surface there is little common ground between the web-swinging adventures of Spider-Man and the psychological exploration of serial killers from Thomas Harris’ Hannibal novels, but Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 could make good use of Otto Octavius by casting him as the Hannibal Lecter to Peter Parker’s Will Graham. Hannibal Lecter was first introduced in the 1981 novel Red Dragon, where former FBI profiler Will Graham came out of retirement to pursue a serial killer dubbed “The Tooth Fairy.” Graham consulted with Lecter, a former psychologist who was exposed as a cannibal, to gain insight into the killer’s mind. Lecter was jailed due to his capture by Graham, although the FBI agent suffered mental and physical scars in the process. Octavius, a scientist turned domestic terrorist, was subdued by Spider-Man in the first game. Doctor Octopus made a cameo in Miles Morales’ spinoff game, but the sequel can do more with the character, and show Spider-Man consulting with his former friend and nemesis to help understand a new foe.

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Author: Derek Garcia